NYX For Your Eyes Only 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette อายแชโดว์พาเลทท์ 10 สี

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NYX For Your Eyes Only 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette

อายแชโดว์พาเลทท์ 10 สี สุดคุ้ม

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 Review (รีวิว) สี For Smokey eye

เฉดที่1 For Eye Color Blue

เฉดที่2 For Eye Color Brown

This look use : For Eye Color Brown

Gold - Brown

เฉดที่ 3 For Eye Color Green


เฉดที่4 For Smokey Eye


I apply NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean directly to my eyelid just like this:

wow it looks gross. lol

Then I blend it all over my eyelid using a synthetic brush. You can also use your finger to do this. It will look something like this:

there. a lot better now :)

Using my Makeupshow eyeshadow brush, I pat on color A, which is the dark purple one, onto my eyelid. I usually start from the inner corner of my eyes moving to the outer corner. I try to pat the eyeshadow gently instead of brushing it, it'll make the color more vibrant and the eyeshadow will last longer.

Then I take my Elf contour brush and apply color B on my crease. I start from the outer part of the crease and move the brush inward. I grab some more eyeshadow to get better color payoff and keep swiping the brush side to side until the colors blend together, leaving no harsh line between them.

Using a small pointed crease brush, I pat on matte black eyeshadow (I'm using the one from my Coastal Scents 88 palette) on the outer V of my eye. I make some kind of V shape with it. No need to be extremely neat because we're just going to blend the eyeshadow afterward (unless you want it to be bolder, then don't blend as much).

I blend the black eyeshadow from the outer corner to inner crease with Elf blending brush. By the way, the arrow there explains my brush movement. :D

It'll look something like this:

Time to put some highlight! Using a big fluffy brush, I apply the color C on my browbone.

I grab color A with Elf small precision brush and apply the eyeshadow onto my lower lashline, starting from the outer part going in.

Then I grab color D with the other side of the brush and apply the eyeshadow onto my inner corner.

I add matte black eyeshadow onto my outer lashline with the same brush. It'll look something like this:

I put on Urban Decay zero eyeliner to my upper lashline and waterline. Then I add Oriflame Stylo pen eyeliner on my upper lashline just so it'll appear more black. Finally, I curl my lashes and put on my mascara (and add falsies later on). All done!

My final look...Face
nyx cream blush in tea rose

nyx tinted lip spa in hush
nyx round lipstick in honey


This look uses : NYX for brown color eyes palette (green)


This look uses :
- NYX romance eyeshasoe palette:
~ 4th e/s from left (top row), cool taupe-y color on all over the lids
~ 1st e/s from left (bottom row), rusty orange color on crease
~ 2nd e/s from left (bottom row), bronze color on outer v
~ 4th e/s from left (bottom row), gold color on lower lashline
~ 5th e/s from left (bottom row), nude color as highlight

- NYX long pencil eyeliner in black
- NYX Round Lipstick Honey
This look use : For Eye Color Brown

Gold - Brown